808nm Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine BM100

808nm diode laser hair removal machine makes full use of the laser selective photothermal principle, and laser can penerate onto the skin surface and reach to the hair follicle by adjusting the wavelength of the laser pulse energy. The light energy is absorbed and converted into heat energy to destroy the hair follicle tissue and inhibit hair growth and regeneration. Diode laser hair removal machine 808nm and best diode laser hair removal machine are the non-invasive modern hair depilation machine, which can remove the extra and unwanted hair safely, quickly and efficiently.808nm diode laser hair removal machine

Portable diode laser hair removal machine has wide application, and the treatment parts include lips, armpits, arms, legs, thighs, bikini, feet etc, which has no limitations in dealing with patients of all colors and skin types. In the meantime, 808nm diode laser wavelength hair removal machine has adjustable pulse width, energy and shining time, which greatly promotes its selectivity, which will not damage the normal skin of hair removal parts.

The synchronous cooling system can make the treatment process much more comfortable, which can achieve satisfying hair removal effect in the shortest time even for sensitive skin types. Semiconductor 808nm diode laser machine can achieve long-lasting hair removal effect with shortest treatment period. Generally speaking, it often takes 3 to 5 times to realize good hair depilation effect with the hair growth period.

Operation Screen

BM100 operation screen

Main Advantages

  1. The 808nm wavelength has good penetration, which can effectively penetrate onto hair follicle and ensure good epilation effect.
  2. It has flexible light pulse time, which can remove the unwanted hair of different length and thickness.
  3. The adoption of sapphire contact cooling patented technology can speed up the treatment, providing comfortable treatment environment and avoid the damage of normal skin.
  4. It can be equipped with multiple language interface to help clinicians operate the machine well and simplify treatment process.

Main Components

diode laser hair removal machine cost

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Hair Removal of BM100

hair removal before and after


Laser Type Diode laser
Laser Wavelength 808nm
Display 8.4″ colorful touch screen
Output Power 3000W
Pulse Width 5-400Ms adjustable
Fluence 1-120J/cm2 adjustable
Receptition Rate 1-10Hz
Spot Size 20*20mm²
Cooling wind+water+semiconductor+sapphire+compressor
Temperature of Probe  -5℃- 0℃
Packing size 63*69*118cm
Power requirement AC 220V±10%,3A,50HZ
Voltage 220V/110V
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