Basic Introduction of HIFU Vaginal Tightening Machine

With the attention of people to beauty and health, the traditional lifting and tightening, the removal of hair and freckle and other equipment can no longer fully meet the needs of the people, and Bestview Group produces the following hifu vaginal rejuvenation machine for you choice. Hifu vaginal rejuvenation machine is one of the hottest medical beauty devices this year.

Private laser machine is a medical instrument, which is used as private maintenance, also known as vaginal maintenance instrument, private beauty instrument and private maintenance instrument, vaginal tightening instrument. Private beauty was established in 2000 with a history of more than 20 years. It is mainly used as munitions laser according to the standard of military laser production of medical lasers, by 2015, more than 5 million lasers had been used in the hospital.HIFU vaginal tightening machine

The Function of Vaginal Tightening Machine

1. Shrink vagina.

2. Tighten vagina.

3. Increase tightness by 60%.

4. Quick recovery of negative.

5. Tract tightness, no more than half an hour of treatment, let you experience the “clench” pleasure.

6. Clean vagina and maintain vagina.

7. Improve cleanliness by 80% Clean the inside of vagina.

8. Moisturize and protect against bacterial invasion, prevent infection and its derived lesions.

9. Moisturize vagina eliminate dryness. Stimulating the vagina internal self-repair system and improving the dry astringency, which causes the new tender cell to regenerate. The endocrine is normal, which enhances the sexual life interest.

10. Beauty yin, red and tender, pink tenderness increase by 70% effectively eliminate the negative.

11. Intraductal and labial pigmentation, desalinate melanin, and instantly become tender.

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