Cryolipolysis Body Slimming Machine of Bestview Has Been Exported to Peru

Cryolipolysis slimming machine has been exported to Peru recently. Cryolipolysis machine for sale is a hot product of Zhengzhou Bestview S&T CO., LTD, and we have got medical CE & FDA certificates in the past days, which guarantees that the machine is produced under strict safety tests. With years of manufacturing experience, we have acquired international production technology & advanced fabrication process, which are the important factors when buying beauty equipment for sale. Up to now, Bestview cryolipolysis machine has been exported to many countries, such as Mexico, Columbia, Ecuador, America, Costa Rica, Peru, Spain etc. Our machine has been widely used in worldwide spa, beauty center, medical clinic etc. Our customer is very pleased with the treatment effect and performance of our equipment, and they may buy more from our company with the development of their business, such as best hifu machine, tattoo removal machine, fractional co2 laser machine, lipolaser machine for sale etc. Welcome to visit our website at any time for more detailed product catalog and inquiry, and we will send the reply within 24 hours. More specified production info will also be delivered through E-mail or WAP, so just leave us a message if in need.

Bestview 3D HIFU Machine Has Been Exported to Spain

hifu machine

Bestview 3D HIFU machine has been exported to Spain in July, 2018. The machine has been delivered to our customer last week, and she is very satisfied that the machine is running as well as wishes. This is not the first time that we send our beauty machine for sale to worldwide countries, and our customers are located all over world, such as America, England, Swiss, Spain, Mexico, Chile, Columbia, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Peru etc. What deserves to be mentioned is that our HIFU machine for sale are very popular, such as 2D HIFU machine, 3D HIFU machine, HIFU vaginal tightening machine etc. In addition to that, our diode laser hair removal machine, cryolipolysis machine for sale, tattoo removal machine and lipolaser machine for sale are also sell well all over the world. Customers choose us because of our professional pre-sale and after-sale service, top-rank machine quality and certificates recognition. Once needed, we will do our best to match the best machine for your business. Besides that, we will also provide professional operation training & guidance for customers, which is totally free and helpful. One may contact us directly if there is still any other questions, and we will reply within 24 hours.

Bestview Tattoo Removal Machine Has Been Sent to Columbia

tattoo removal machine for sale BW190

BW190 tattoo removal machine for sale has been exported to Columbia last week, and it may get signed next week. Tattoo removal machine for sale is a hot esthetic machine of Zhengzhou Bestview S & T CO.,ltd, which is equipped with multiple functions, such as the removal of eyebrow tattoo, body tattoo, birthmark, spot mole, vascular, omychomycosis etc. Our tattoo removal machine have two treatment heads that are 1064nm & 532nm, and the former 1064nm is used to removal tattoos of deep colors while the latter is used to remove tattoo of light colors. Zhengzhou Bestview S & T co.,ltd has long production experience, and it’s our 30 years anniversary this year. To celebrate this anniversary, we will make a big discount of our hot models this month, such as HIFU machine, diode laser hair removal machine, shockwave therapy machine, cryolipolysis machine, fractional co2 laser machine, lipolaser machine for sale, liposonix machine etc. Customers may visit our website and check our product catalog to get the needed machine, and any production quotation will be answered within 24 hours. One may also call us, contact us through whats-app or just leave us a note!

IPL SHR+ND Yag laser Machine BW289 Has Been Exported to Mexico

IPL SHR+ND Yag laser machine price

IPL SHR+ND Yag laser Machine BW289 of Zhengzhou Bestview S&T CO.,LTD has been exported to Mexico recently. The customer is very glad with our machine quality, price and service, and he may purchase more other beauty equipment from our company. Devoted to produce professional beauty machine for global beauty industry owners and investors, we have made unremitting efforts to improve the machine quality, treatment effect and performance. In addition, we also try our best to simplify operation process and decrease failure rate. Besides, we also produce other types of beauty machine for sale with professional engineer & production team, such as HIFU machine, cryolipolysis machine, tattoo removal machine and non invasive lipo machine. Our machine have got the recognition of Medical CE and ISO certificates, and we offer 2 year warranty for our customers. If there is anything wrong, we will exhaust our ability to solve it as soon as possible. So, if one needs any types of beauty equipment for sale, such as diode laser hair removal machine, lipolaser machine for sale, IPL SHR hair removal machine, fractional co2 laser machine or multifunctional machine, welcome to visit us at any time for free inquiry.

Two Set of Laser Lipo Machine for Sale Have Been Exported to Chile

laser lipo equipment for sale

Two set of laser lipo machine for sale have been exported to Chile in the late of June, 2018. As one of the most professional beauty machine manufacturers in China, Zhengzhou Beatview S&T CO., LTD has abundant production experience and professional production team, which is the leader of beauty industry since 2003. Our production scope involves in many aspects, such as HIFU vaginal machine, diode laser hair removal machine, laser lipo machine for sale, cryolipolysis machine etc. By now, we have been exported many beauty machine to Chile now, and we also have agents in many countries, and customers don’t need to worry about delivery and maintenance. Aims to be the best partner of worldwide beauty center and spa owners, we constantly learn new technology to improve the performance of our machine. Contact us for more detailed information now!

FDA Approved Laser Lipo Machine Has Been Exported to America

FDA approved laser lipo machine has been exported to America this month by air, and this is not the first time that we have sold the machine to America. The lipo laser machine has two treatment heads that are 650nm & 980nm, and the operation voltage are optional to choose with 220V or 110V. More importantly, customized operation language are available for customers that come from different countries, such as Spanish, English, Russian, Chinese etc. Similarly, we also provide other types of body slimming machine for sale, such as cryolipolysis machine, liposonix machine, lipo laser machine BM166 & BM199 etc. What is worth mentioning is that our machine has got the recognition of worldwide customers with high quality, long service life, excellent treatment effect, easy operation & maintenance, quick delivery and safe transportation. Welcome to consult us for more detailed information if interested.

Tattoo Removal Machine of Bestview Had Been Exported to Mexico

Bestview tattoo removal machine had been exported to Mexico again last week, and it is not our first time to export this machine to Mexico and other South America countries. Numberless high-class HIFU machine, diode laser hair removal machine and tattoo removal machine have been exported to Mexico in the last ten years, and we also have professional agent in Mexico, which is one of our target market in South America. When it comes to our tattoo removal machine, we have to mention that it adopts advanced q-switch laser technology, which has best tattoo removal effect with no pain and any side-effect. Furthermore, our BW190 and BW191 are more popular than the machine produced by other tattoo removal machine manufacturers in that we offer fair and reasonable price, professional training and after-sale service. If one also has other specific requirements, we can also make appropriate adjustment to meet their demand. So, if you or your friends are interested in getting more machine detail and price, please leave us a note at any time, and we will reply as soon as possible.

Bestview HIFU Machine BM589 Had Been Exported to Mexico

hifu machine delivery

Bestview hifu machine BM589 had been exported to Mexico recently, and customers had received the machine a few days ago. The machine is bought to be used in her SPA, which has been put into using right now. She is very satisfied with the treatment effect of HIFU machine, which has very good skin rejuvenation effect for her customers. In the future, she is considering of buying two more 2D HIFU machine, ND YAG laser tattoo removal machine BW190 and cryolipolysis machine BM606 for her new beauty items. Zhengzhou Bestview ST CO., LTD is a well-praised beauty machine manufacturer and supplier in China, which provides all kinds of beauty machine for sale, such as tattoo removal machine, laser hair removal machine, fractional co2 laser machine, body slimming machine etc. If one wants to know about the price, technical parameter, application, advantages, certificates of our machine, please leave us a note at any time for detailed information. Thanks.

Bestview Group Had Visited COSMOPROF ITALY 2018

Cosmoprof Italy

Zhengzhou Bestview ST CO.,LTD has visited COSMOPROF ITALY 2018 last month, which is a global cosmetic and beauty exhibition that put advanced inventions and technology on display. Fortunately, Bestview had this opportunity to attend this exhibition to meet worldwide beauty machine manufacturers, suppliers, agent and customers, which is a good opportunity to obtain high-tech production technique and introduce our hot models to the world. Every year, Bestview sends representatives to attend world famous exhibitions in worldwide countries, such as Italy, Spain, Hongkong etc, which manifests our enterprising spirits and company strength. Our hifu machine, diode laser hair removal machine and tattoo removal machine have been exported to many districts so far, such as America, Spain, Mexico, Italy, Chile, Ecuador etc. It is also no need to worry about the shipment, payment, warranty, training and maintenance with the support of professional and separate team. If there is any demand or questions about our products, please keep in touch with us at any time.

New Portable HIFU Machine Will Be Available Soon

portable hifu machine for sale

Zhengzhou Bestview ST CO., LTD is a well-developed medical beauty equipment manufacturer and supplier in China, which has been focused on the R&D of beauty equipment over the past decades, and there are many well-praised equipment have been exported to worldwide countries, such as laser hair removal machine, hifu skin rejuvenation machine, cryolipolysis machine for sale, tattoo removal machine etc. Besides that, we still insist on the development and innovation of high level beauty machine for sale, such as our new portable hifu machine and cryolipolysis machine. Bestview new portable hifu machine has smaller occupancy than hifu machine BM589 and 2D HIFU machine, which makes it easy to be used in different spa or clinics. What’s deserves to be mentioned is that the treatment heads have been improved that have higher performance. In a short time, this machine will be launched into market and available for worldwide buyers. Welcome to contact us to know the latest information and machine price.