CO2 Fractional Laser Machine BW200

Co2 fractional laser machine applies for all kinds of plastic surgeries, which is an effective fractional co2 laser facial resurfacing machine. Generally speaking, fractional co2 laser machine for sale can be divided into two types, which are co2 fractional laser resurfacing machine BW200 and fractional co2 laser tightening machine for gynecology BW203.CO2 fractional laser machine

By launching laser through scanning lattice method, fractional co2 laser therapy can form a burning area on the epidermis by laser dot matrix and interval. Each laser acting point consists of single or several high-energy laser pulses that can directly penetrate onto the dermis and vaporize wrinkles and scar tissues in an instant. Furthermore, it also stimulates the proliferation of collagen, starting a series of tissue repairing and skin collagen rearrangement activity. The collagen fibers bring about one third contraction under the action of laser, and fine wrinkles will be leveled, and deep wrinkles become thinner, and the skin becomes more compact and shiny, which is an ideal equipment for plastic surgery.

Treatment Screen of BW200

operation screen of co2 fractional machine

Main Application of fractional co2 laser skin resurfacing machine

  1. For the treatment of acne, redness, pigmentation, birth mark, vascular lesions, and acne scars etc.
  2. The removal of eyelid, fish tail, dry drain and other fine lines.
  3. Effective improvement of facial and frontal wrinkles, joint folds and gestational lines.
  4. The treatment of pigmented lesions, such as freckles and zygomatic macula.
  5. Skin tightening, the removal of gravidarum and other deep scars.

Advantages of Bestview fractional co2 laser equipment

  1. Powerful laser wavelength. Compared with the traditional laser, Bestview fractional laser has stronger power and can go directly to the deep dermis of skin, which can repair the dermis tissue of the injured part, making the dermis produce more collagen and rearrange it.
  1. No injuring and side effects with CE, ISO and FDA certificates
  2. Short treatment period, good rejuvenation effect and reasonable fractional co2 laser machine price.
  3. Customized treatment scheme, operation language, voltage, logo etc.

Fractional CO2 Laser Treatment Before and After

fractional co2 treatment before and after

Aiming to produce best co2 fractional laser machine, Bestview Group has never stopped its pace to learn and innovate, and our co2 facial laser resurfacing machine has been exported to many countries, such as America, Mexico, Chile, Columbia, Ecuador etc. If one wants to know our fractional co2 laser machine cost, welcome to E-mail us, call us or leave us a message at any time, and quick reply will be sent back within 24 hours.


Model BW-200
Function Fractional Laser/ Surgical cut laser
Display 8 inches colorful touch screen
Wavelength 10600nm
System & Probes 2 systems, 5 probes
Light power 40w
Output Single point, Continuous, super pulse, dot matrix
CPG Scanning Yes
Vagina Tightening Laser protective jacket Titanium alloy protective jacket*2
Cooling Method Air
Dot distance 0.1-2.6mm (adjustable)
Pulses energy 0.1-400 mj (adjustable)
Focal spot diameter 100um-2000um
Output figure Square,Triangle, Hexagon, Circle, Oval, Rectangle
Focal spot quantity 1(1*1)-40000(200*200)(adjustable)
Figure square 0.1mm*0.1mm-20mm*20mm(adjustable)
The way of luminous 360 angle pyramidal reflex and 45 angle Slant reflex
Scanning mode in order, disorder, midsplit
OSD Language English & Spanish
Working voltage AC:220V+ 10%, 50Hz; 110V+ 10%, 50Hz
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