Diode Laser Hair Regrowth Machine BM666

Are you looking for effective laser hair growth machines for sale for your beauty salons? If so, diode laser hair regrowth machine is a perfect choice that can penetrate onto the skin surface without heating effect, no skin damaging and any negative side effects. By providing important nutrients to hair follicles like ATP, hair growth laser machine can effectively increase cell metabolism and cell activity, which can greatly accelerate the hair regrowth and thickening of the treated area to produce beautiful and healthy hair.diode laser hair regrowth machine

On the one hand, hair growth laser machine of Zhengzhou Bestview can also accelerate the blood circulation of the scalp, improve the regeneration ability of collagen fiber, and promote metabolism. The laser energy irradiated by hair growth machine laser can increase the denosine triphosphate (ATP) activity in the subcutaneous tissue, and ATP plays an important role in cell transmission capacity. So, laser hair growth treatment machine can help improve the blood circulation, transfer oxygen and more nutrition to the hair follicle to achieve good anti-hair loss and hair regrowth effect.

Screen of Laser Hair Regrowth Machine

screen of laser hair regrowth machine

On the other hand, excessive grease is also the cause of hair loss, and excessive oil secretion is often caused by sebaceous gland problem, and excessive dihydrotestosterone that is also named as DHT contained in the grease will decrease the hair follicle, or even cause atrophy and lead to hair loss. However, grease and DHT can be effectively inhibited under the treatment of hair laser growth machine, which is the another reason that laser machine for hair growth has good anti-hair loss effect.

hair regrowth machine

Zhengzhou Bestview Group is a professional laser hair therapy machine and beauty machine manufacturer, which has its own production factory, product innovation team, professional sales team and complete logistic support. Establishing with the faith of producing best laser hair growth device, we have never stopped our pace in product innovation and improvement, which are also the reason why our permanent hair regrowth machine is so popular. So, if one wants to buy laser hair growth machine, Bestview will be an excellent choice with professional laser hair regrowth system, competitive price, FDA and CE certificates and top quality. Contact us for a free quotation of laser hair regrowth equipment right now!

Hair Regrowth Before and After

hair-hair regrowth before and after


Model BM-666
Light color red (670nm)
Power Light 0-140mw(adjustable)
Treatment Panel 4 pcs
Treatment Area 170mm x 170mm x 4
Numbers lamps Laser Diode 240pcs (Laser Diodes imported from Japan Mitsubishi)
weight 43kg
Packing size 130*60*61cm
Voltage 100~240V, 50/60Hz
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