Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine for Sale BM108

When comes to effective laser hair removal machine, diode laser hair removal machine for sale will come into our sight firstly. By adopting 808nm laser wavelength, diode laser hair removal machines have effective penetration depth that can reach to the target tissue that is the hair follicles directly, and appropriate pulse duration time ensures that target tissues produce sufficient thermal damage while the surrounding tissues are almost unaffected. The double-handle diode laser BM101 is a new product of Bestview, which has more specific treatment heads and advanced fast and normal removal mode.diode laser hair removal machine for sale

In addition, adequate energy density of best diode laser hair removal machine ensures sufficient energy output in the appropriate time to damage the target tissue while the normal tissue will not be harmed. Appropriate epidermal protection measures can effectively damage the target tissue while the epidermis is almost unaffected at the same time, thus ensuring the safety of the whole treatment, and Bestview also offers portable diode laser hair removal machine BM100 for sale.

It is no need to worry about the normal perspiration of people in buying diode laser hair removal machine, which will not be affected at all. As a non-surgical hair removal equipment, diode laser hair removal machine has many advantages, and Bestview Group will make a detailed introduction as a famous diode laser hair removal machine manufacturer and producer in China.

Operation Screen

operation screen BM108Main Advantages

  1. With the adoption of new patented sapphire contact cooling device, the skin temperature can be cooled to very low degree to avoid skin damage.
  2. 8 inch colorful touch screen and multi-language operation interface make the operation much simpler.
  3. It has ultra long continuous and adjustable pulse width, which is suitable for the removal of all kinds of unwanted hair for different skin types and different thickness, such as dark, light, golden hair etc.
  4. Diode laser hair removal machine for sale adopts the United States imported laser semiconductor, which has stable light emitting performance and long service life.
  5. FDA and CE authentication grantees the machine quality, safe delivery and good reputation.54
  6. Specific design can be achieved and manufactured with personal demand and requirements.

Key Components of BM108

best diode laser hair removal machine

In contrast with other diode laser hair removal machine manufacturers, Bestview also has more advantages, such as competitive diode laser hair removal machine price and cost, good treatment performance, considerate after-sale service etc. Moreover, our 2D HIFU skin rejuvenation machine and portable cryolipolysis machine are also our top-selling product. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a free quotation right now!

Hair Removal Before and After

hair removal before and after


Type of laser Diodo laser
Wavelength 808nm
Spot size 12*15mm
Screen 8-inch colorful touch screen
Fast Mode
Fluency 1~100J/cm2
Cooling Contact
Normal Mode
Fluence 1~160 J/cm2
Frequency 1~10HZ
Pulse 10~350ms
Cooling Contact
Power 2000W
Package 64x53x44 cm
Gross weight 30kg
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