Double-handle Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine BM101

Double-handle diode laser hair removal machine BM101 is the latest permanent hair removal equipment of Bestview, doudble-handle diode laser hair removal machine BM101 also adopts 808nm or 810nm laser wavelength, and it can achieve best hair depilation effect based on selective photothermal principle. As a non-invasive and non-surgical hair removal machine, BM101 can remove the excess hair of all body parts safely, quickly and permanently in a few periods, which is far better than traditional waxing, shaving and other hair removal methods.double-handle diode laser hair removal machineThe optimal 808nm and 810nm laser wavelength has better penetration effect, which can effectively act on the hair follicle and obtain best hairless effect. Adjustable laser pulse time ensures that it can remove hair of different thickness while protecting epidermis skin. BM101 diode laser hair removal machine only destroys certain hair follicle structure, which will not cause any burning with the adoption of sapphire crystal contact probe. With large square spot, it can greatly accelerate hair removal speed and shorten treatment period. Hot models are 808nm diode laser machine BM100, BM108 and BM101.

Operation Screen of Double-handle BM101

operation screen of BM101

Distinctive Features and Advantages

  1. High availability

Double-handle diode laser BM101 is applicable for the removal of excessive hair of all skin types, colors and all body parts, such as arms, legs, mouth, hands, feet, bikini etc.

  1. Imported key components and colorful operation screen

Bestview BM101 adopts imported laser chips and diaphragm water pump, which largely extent the performance, working time and service life of the machine. In addition, 15 inches colorful LCD screen can be designed with multi-language interface, which is very convenient and easy to operate.

  1. Customized appearance and voltage

Elegant and stunning appearance can be designed with personal preference, and the power voltage is selectable between 220V and 110V. Also, emergency stop push button is set on the conspicuous place in case of the occurrence of abnormal breakdown or other incidents.

Details of Double-handle machine BM101

double-handle diode laser hair removal machine price

  1. Complete after-sale service

Bestview Group offers 2 years warranty for our machine after purchasing, and we will provide strong technical support for global customers as soon as possible if there is anything wrong with the machine in the using process. Our business scope involves in all kinds of medical beauty machine for sale, such as hifu beauty machine, fractional co2 laser machine, laser tattoo removal machine for sale etc. Contact us for a free inquiry now!

Hair Removal Before and After

hair removal before and after


Power 3000W
Voltage 220V/110V, 50V/60HZ
Handle number 2
Screen size 15 inches
Spot size Big: 20*20mm
Small: 16*14mm
Output power Big: 600W
Small: 450W
Fast mode
Energy 1~100J/cm2
Cooling mode Contact cooling
Normal mode
Fluence 1~160J/cm2
Pulse 10~50ms
Frequency 1~8HZ
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