E Light Hair Removal Machine BM301

E light hair removal machine is a very effective hair removal machine as ipl laser hair removal machine for sale, which integrates skin cooling technology, intense pulsed light (IPL) treatment technology and RF radio frequency technology, which is an intelligent non peeling hair removal and skin reconstruction system. E light laser hair removal machine also makes full use of the selective skin absorption of light energy, which greatly eliminates the side reaction caused by strong light energy and improve customer treatment experience. The old-fashioned traditional IPL equipment can only acts of 4mm subcutaneous tissue while e-light hair removal machine can works on up to 15mm subcutaneous tissue, which greatly enlarges its treatment application.e light hair removal machine

E light beauty machine has a very wide range of applications, which includes the hair removal of all body parts, wrinkle removal, skin rejuvenation, treatment of acne, treatment of leg veins, vascular lesions and body sculpting etc. In short, e light ipl machine is a multifunctional beauty equipment, which can be used to deal with all kinds of patients and symptoms, and it is an indispensable helper for beauty center and salons of all scales as hifu ultrasound machine, tattoo removal equipment, facial cleaning machine etc.

Operation Screenoperation screen of e light machine

Bestivew elight hair removal machine adopts the German lamp, which is of high quality and long service life. The powerful cooling system enables the machine to work for 24 hours without rest with the support of enough power and high stability. Furthermore, multi-language screens are also available to meet the native language habit and decrease operation difficulty. Due to the combination of radio frequency, the light energy has been reduced a lot, and its treatment risk has also been greatly reduced. The cooling handle can also protect the skin, so that patients feel more comfortable in the treatment process.

Main Components of E-light Hair Removal Machine

e light laser hair removal machine

Portable e-light machine of Bestview has got FDA and CE certificates, which are free to be delivered to any countries, and our ipl and e light hair removal machine can be customized to meet your personal requirements. Owing to top performance and reasonable price, our e light hair removal machine, ipl laser machine or double-handle diode laser hair removal machine can be your first choice.

Hair Removal Before and After

hair removal before and after


Screen 8-inch touch screen
Spot 15mm x 50mm (7,5cm2)
Filters  5 filters
1. 640 nm  Hair removal
2. Filter 530nm Treatment of Pigmentation and Skin Rejuvenation
3. Filter 480nm  Vascular treatment
4. 590nm  Elimination of wrinkles
5. 690nm  Treatment acne
Power density 01-50J/cm2(IPL) 01-50J/cm2(RF)
Pulsation amplitude 0.1-9.9ms
Pulse rate 1-6
Pulse period (frequency) 1-4s
Cooling system air + water + semiconductor gel refrigerant
Lamp longevity 80000 shots
Power 2500W
Voltage AC 220V/50Hz
Weight 35 kg
Head temperature -5ºC/5ºC
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