E Light+RF+Q Switch Nd Yag Laser Machine BW189

With the improvement of the livelihood, more and more people seek to keep their body, for example, they want to change the design of the tattoo or improve their skin. However, they do not want to spend much time on it because they are very busy. Sometimes they want to have a multifunctional beauty machine in their home because of not going to beauty salons. Bestview Group is the company, which produces a lot of machines with different functions and there are multifunctional beauty machines for your choice. Now we will introduce the multifunctional machine-E Light+RF switch nd yag laser machine BM189, which is three in one machine.E Light+RF+Q Switch Nd Yag laser tattoo removal machine

The Principle of the E light+RF+Q Switch Nd Yag Laser Machine

It is equipped with three convenient treatment heads to realize different treatment functions. In short, BW189 is a three in one machine that can be used to deal with all kinds of skin problems and restore youth and skin elasticity. Besides, it adopts the technology of e light, rf, and q switch yag laser and they have different functions respectively. The technology of the RF, which is the abbreviation of Radio Frequency and denotes the electromagnetic frequency that can radiate into space and ranges from 300kHz to 300GHz. It is the abbreviation of a high frequency AC change electromagnetic wave. It can alternate current with less than 1, 000 times per second, which is called low frequency current, and more than 10000 times is called high frequency current. RF is such a kind of high frequency current. High frequency is the higher frequency band of high frequency; microwave frequency is the higher frequency band of RF. So you should believe that this machine is a professional device.

Screen and Details of BM189E Light+RF+Q Switch Nd Yag Laser Machine

Advantages of the E light+RF+Q Switch Nd Yag Laser Machine

  1. Largetreatment scope.
  2. Adjustable voltage 220V/110V.
  3. Some Imported parts.
  4. Multiple languages for choice.
  5. Longer service life.
  6. Strong engine.
  7. Convenient treatment heads.

Treatment Scope of 3 in 1 Beauty Machine

  1. Hair removal of face, legs, arms, neck.
  2. Tattoo removal, pigment removal, eyebrow tattoo removal, birth mark removal etc.

Treatment Effect of BM189treatment contrast

If you are interested in our machine, please contact us at your free time and we can offer you better machine with good quality and fast effect.

Technical Parameters

Function Items Information Items Information
E-light Power 400W Wavelength 430-1200
Energy density 50J/cm2 Pulse width 1-20ms
RF Energy density 50J/cm2 Pulse rate 5M
Laser Power 500W Energy 1600MJ
Pulse rate 1-10HZ Wavelength 532/1064
Pulse width 10ns Spot Size 5
Fuse specification 10A
LCD Screen size 10.4″
Weight 40kg
Size 60cmx55cmx130cm
Cooling System TEC-5-5°
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