Fractional CO2 Laser Machine for Gynecology BW203

Fractional co2 laser resurfacing machine for gynecology is a kind of skin resurfacing machine, which has good skin resurfacing performance and effect for different body parts. Fractional co2 laser machine for gynecology BW203 is mainly designed to cope with all kinds of gynecological problems, such as vagina tightening and reshaping, vagina drying and recurrent infection problems. Fractional co2 laser for vaginal tightening machine is very popular among doctors, spa center, beauty center, clinic etc, which has remarkable treatment effect in the treatment of gynecological troubles. In contrast, fractional co2 laser machine BW200 is mainly designed for the treatment of acne, vascular, scars, spots, birth marks etc.CO2 fractional laser machine

Co2 fractional laser vaginal rejuvenation and tightening machine BW203 can undergo central heating to the vaginal tissues, stimulating the contraction of collagen and elastin fibers, which will induce the production and continuous regeneration of new collagen and elastin fibers. The result of Bestview BW203 treatment is a complete vaginal remodeling and tightening of the vaginal wall, and female genital organ will return to its youthful state after a few treatment periods, which brings more happiness to family and daily life and keep healthy.

Optional Screen with Multi-language

operation screen of co2 fractional machine

Through the binding of the long and thick fibrous collagen, it can greatly reduce vaginal dryness, recurrent infections and the occurrence of gynecological diseases. Moreover, co2 fractional laser vaginal rejuvenation and tightening machine also helps restore vulvovaginal mucosa for those that suffer from dry and recurrent infections, which will leading to the normalization of PH and vaginal flora of vagina. The treatment of co2 fractional laser viginal tightening machine is totally safe with no side-effects.

Basic Applications and Advantages

    1. Vagina tightening, reshaping and rejuvenation to restore youthful state.
    2. The alleviation and treatment of vagina dryness, gynecological infections, cervical erosion, various condyloma, polyps, etc.
    3. The machine of Zhengzhou Bestview has passed CE, ISO, FDA certificates, which is totally safe, reliable and free to be exported to any countries.
    4. Optional English, Spanish or language to select for customers and clients of different countries.
    5. Two year warranty is provided to ensure smooth normal using, timely and convenient after-sale service is also available for our buyers.
    6. Specific details and requirements can be customized and redesigned with personal preference.

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Model BW-203
Function Vagina Tightening Laser/ Fractional Laser/ Surgical cut laser
Display 8 inches colorful touch screen
Wavelength 10600nm
System & Probes 3 systems, 7 probes
Light power 40w
Output Single point, Continuous, super pulse, dot matrix
CPG Scanning Yes
Vagina Tightening Laser protective jacket Titanium alloy protective jacket*2
Cooling Method Air
Dot distance 0.1-2.6mm (adjustable)
Pulses energy 0.1-400 mj (adjustable)
Focal spot diameter 100um-2000um
Output figure Square,Triangle, Hexagon, Circle, Oval, Rectangle
Focal spot quantity 1(1*1)-40000(200*200)(adjustable)
Figure square 0.1mm*0.1mm-20mm*20mm(adjustable)
The way of luminous 360 angle pyramidal reflex and 45 angle Slant reflex
Scanning mode in order, disorder, midsplit
OSD Language English & Spanish
Working voltage AC: 220V+ 10%, 50Hz; 110V+ 10%, 50Hz
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