HIFU+ HIFU Vaginal Tightening Machine BM889

Have you thought of improving your sexual life after giving birth? If you always seek to the scientific methods from hospital or beauty center to improve it, now our Bestview Group produces the high quality vaginal tightening machine for domestic and foreign beauty hospital and beauty centers, such as BM789, BM889 and so on. Our company  produces a lot of machines, which can treat different parts of the body with different functions, such as skin rejuvenation machine, tattoo removal machine, body slimming machine and so forth. Here,  we will mainly introduce the hifu +hifu vaginal tightening machine to you.hifu face and vaginal tightening 2 in 1 beauty machineWhat are the advantages of hifu+hifu vaginal tightening machine? The patent 3D lattice technology has changed the output mode of the lattice laser and decomposed the laser beam into hundreds of small beams, which is separated from each other.

Screen of HIFU 2 in 1 Beauty Machine BM889

operation screen of BM589

Comparing with the traditional lattice laser, it has the following advantages.

  1. It has higher safety, better curative effect and wider application range.
  2. Non-invasive lattice laser is used to treat the tissue, which ensures that the tissue temperature can reach 50-70 °C within the depth of fine control to obtain ideal collagen contraction, recombination and regeneration, and finally achieve a lasting effect of vaginal tightening.
  3. Professional, experienced expert clinical operation,which can ensure the safety and smooth treatment. The whole treatment process only 20-30 minutes, without hospitalization, that is, treatment.
  4. The best laser wavelength is absorbed by the vaginal mucosal tissue, which can avoid the thermal damage of the deep tissue or organ.
  5. Patented non-invasive, feathery, non-invasive mode of light smoothing, no vaginal bleeding, and no need for oral antibiotics.
  6. The patented light-out mode controls the temperature precisely, which completely avoids any high safety index of the whole process and almost zero harm, and does not affect the future sexual life and normal fertility.
  7. Golden 360 °ring laser treatment hand, complete treatment, comfortable experience-take a human 360 °ring treatment hand, all-around consideration of the treatment of all angles, safe and mild laser treatment.
  8. The whole treatment without any pain and discomfort, the whole course of treatment without pain.

Detail of HIFU+ HIFU Vaginal Tightening Machine BM889

detail of hifu vaginal tightening machine BM889

If you want to purchase this machine for your clinic or for other usage, please contact us at your available time and we can offer you hifu vaginal tightening machine and hifu face and vaginal tightening 2 in 1 machine. We are 24 hours online for your reply.

Technical Parameters

Power 180W
Number of probes 5
Shooting 10000 for each probe
Electricity 220/110V, 50/60HZ
Package 57*45*58cm
Gross weight 17kg
Energy 0.1~2.0J
Dotted Length 5~25mm
Distance between two points 1~3mm
Dotted Length 5~25mm
Distance between two points 0.5~3mm
Energy 0.1~1.0J
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