Introduction of Bestview CO2 Fractional Laser Machine

With the advancement of the society, the livelihood of people is getting better and better. And more and more people seek for perfect body or appearance. Some people want to have smooth skin and other people want to remove the scars completely in their body, which promotes the invention and development of fractional co2 laser machine.

Our company produces two machines with different functions for your choice. Those are fractional CO2 laser machine BW200 and CO2 laser for genecology BW203. Fractional CO2 laser machine BW200 adopts advanced laser technology, which makes full uses the energy of laser thermal and electromagnetic effects, and it can avoid bleeding, burning and gasification during the treatment. Besides, CO2 fractional laser equipment adopts RF Tube and 40W power.

fractional co2 laser acne removal machine

To make the operation more convenient, we add red semiconductor laser as the directed light. Most importantly, there is no risk and no side effect. Our company can promise that the whole process is comfortable, and one just enjoys the treatment. Necessarily to say that, there are a lot of advantages and functions:

  1. Adjustable voltage 220v/110v.Selective languages of English or Spanish
  2. Colorful touch screen, and some parts are imported from USA and Korea.
  3. Smooth wrinkles and fine lines and rinse sun-damaged skin.
  4. Reduce acne scars and flatten traumatic scars.
  5. Get rid of double chin and improve angle of the jaw.

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