IPL Laser Hair Removal Machine BW186

IPL laser hair removal machine is an indispensable component of all kinds of big beauty salons or spa center, which is a very popular hair removal machine. Based on the principle of selective photothermolysis, ipl laser hair removal machine for sale can effectively destroy and remove the melanin contained in the hair follicle and hair shaft by absorbing the energy emitted by mini ipl machine, which can continuously rise the temperature of hair follicle and destroy it.best ipl laser hair removal machine

The best ipl hair removal machine has been widely used in the medical and cosmetic industries for the treatment of hair removal, acne removal, plaque, pigmentation alleviation and skin improvement, which is very popular among people that pursues for beauty and better skin condition, such as ipl shr hair removal machine and portable ipl laser machine. People may wonder why many salon owners choose to buy ipl laser hair removal machine instead of other machine to support their hair removal items, and we Bestview Group will make a brief explanation of the advantages of this machine as professional ipl hair removal machine manufacturers.

Treatment Scopetreatment applicationFirstly, ipl laser hair removal machine can efficiently remove the unwanted hair of certain parts without damaging the surrounding tissues. This is because the pigment contented in the diseased tissue is much higher than that in the normal skin tissue, and the temperature often rises much faster than the normal tissue after the absorption of light energy. The temperature difference between them will close down the diseased vessels and break down the pigment.

Operation Screen

operation screen of BW186

Secondly, ipl laser hair removal machine has fast treatment speed. Patients can get the ideal treatment effect after a few treatment periods, which is much faster and safer than traditional or other hair removal methods. At last, ipl laser hair removal machine price is very reasonable, which is acceptable for most of beauty salon and spa center owners, and this is also the reason why this machine is so popular as diode laser machine with high value and competitive price.

Details of IPL Laser Hair Removal Machine BW186

ipl hair removal machine manufacturers

Which is the best ipl hair removal machine? People may feel confused in buying ipl laser hair removal machine. One should buy the machine from professional beauty machine manufacturers as much as possible, which can greatly ensure machine quality and treatment effect. Bestview Group is also a pretty good choice with over 30 years production experience, rich export experience, CE and FDA certificates, and our hair removal machine, q switch laser tattoo removal machine and skin rejuvenation machine have been widely exported to many countries, such as  America, Mexico, Italy, Spain, Chile, Columbia etc. Contact us now for a free quotation now!

Hair Removal Before and After

hair removal before and after


Energy 3000 W
Screen 8.4 inch touch screen
Filters 5
480 nm vascular
530 nm Photorejuvenation/pigmentation/Spots
590 nm Wrinkles
640nm Photoepilation
690nm Acne
Frequency 10 p/s
Power density 50J/cm2
Treatment size 15mm*50mm
Shots 150.000 shots
Principal functions Depilation, rejuvenation
Cooling system Water+wind+semiconductor
Voltage 220V/110V
Head temperature -5ºC/5ºC
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