IPL SHR+ND Yag laser Machine BW289

Do you want to hold Multifunctional Machine? If your answer is yes, please keep patience to read the following piece of news. Bestview Group produces several of machines with different functions, for example, skin rejuvenation machines, tattoo removal machines, and hair removal machines, hair regrowth machines and so on. Now we will introduce the multiple machines for you- IPL SHR machine and ND Yag laser tattoo removal machine.IPL SHR + ND Yag laser machine

The Treatment Principle of 2 in 1 Beauty Machine

IPL SHR laser hair removal machine takes advantage of the selective photothermal effect of the laser, and directly irradiates the hair follicles, hair follicles, and melanin in the hair follicles by means of adjusting the laser to a specific wavelength through the epidermis and absorbing light energy selectively. Finally, the resulting thermal effect causes the hair follicles to be necrotic. The effect of laser hair removal is irreversible due to the process of endothermic necrosis of hair follicles and it will not destroy normal skin tissue. Therefore, laser hair removal can achieve the effect of permanent depilation. Importantly, this machine has another function that is tattoo removal. The function of tattoo removal can effectively remove the undesired tattoo and you can change other design.

Operation Screen of BM289operation screen of BM289

Advantages of the IPL SHR+ND Yag Laser Machine

  1. Non-invasive micro-pain. A non-invasive treatment was used, and the results of clinical trials show that the majority of patients have a feeling of being rubber-balled.
  2. Depilation is very thorough; laser can penetrate into deep dermis and subcutaneous fat tissue, which acts on different parts of the deep hair follicles.
  3. Quick recovery. Laser depilation can be done as you go no recovery period, no special care, no delay in normal life and work.
  4. The pigment precipitate after depilation is very close to our skin, which cannot see the trace of unnatural.
  5. Treatment is quick; treatment time is very short, and once treatment can be done during lunch break.

Hair and Tattoo Removalhair and tattoo removal

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Technical Parameters

Power 2500W
Quantity of hand piece 2
Wavelength SHR:480nm/530nm/590nm/640nm/690nm
Laser: 532nm/1064nm
Spot size SHR: 15mm*50mm
Laser: 2~8mm
Screen size 10.4-inch
Cooling system water + wind + semiconductor + cooling gel
Temperature of hand piece -5°C ~ 5°C
Energy range SHR: 1~50J
Laser: 30~1500J/cm2
Electricity 220V/110V, 50/60HZ
Packed size 73*58*60cm
Packed weight 44KG
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