Laser Lipo Machine for Sale BM166

Similar to lipo laser machine BM199, lipo laser machine for sale BM166 basically has the same working principle, function and components, and laser lipo equipment for sale BM166 differs from BM199 in the machine chassis. BM166 is a portable laser lipo machine, which has unique features in portable movement and convenient transition. If your clinic has large customer flow that seeks for body slimming items, laser like lipo machine BM166 will be an ideal selection.laser lipo machine for saleTreatment Application

  1. As we all know, waist obesity has always been a lingering pain for many women nowadays, and it is very difficult to lose the waist belly fat. However, best laser lipo machinecan effectively slim waist, muffin-top and achieve waistline reshaping effect.
  2. Slim arm, butterfly sleeves, wobbling sleeve, double chin, neck, back, midsection, abdomen, buttocks, crotch, thigh, calf, foot and body recoveryafter postpartum.
  3. Collagen regrowth, skin resilienceand elasticity recovery. In addition, it can promote detoxification, lymphatic and blood circulation.
  4. It can promote blood circulation, relieve muscle tension, fatigue, ache, relieve skin edema and alleviate black eye and eye bag.

There are many laser lipo machine manufacturers and suppliers available around the world, but not each of them can provide fda approved laser lipo machines as Zhengzhou Bestview Group. With over 30 years beauty machine manufacturing experience, our machine has many unique advantages in contrast with other best laser lipo machine manufacturers.

Treatment Screen of BM166

screen of laser lipo machine for sale

Firstly, 5 languages are optional in selecting the language of operation screen, such as English, Spanish, Russian etc. Secondly, body slender laser lipo machine has optimal treatment effect with the co-working of 650nm&980nm wavelength. Thirdly, the treatment of cheap laser lipo machine is non-surgical and non invasive as portable cryolipolysis machine, which does not require any surgery or incisions. At last, it can be used to slim all body parts with high availability and wide range of application, which applies for all kinds of skin type and colors.

laser lipo equipment

When buying laser lipo machine, laser lipo machine prices and cost is a vital factor, and Bestview Group aims to provide the competitive price for worldwide customers, and not to mention about our machine quality. Hot products also consists of all types of hair removal system, hifu face lifting machine, tattoo removal machine, body slimming machine etc. Most importantly, flexible payment and delivery can be accepted with specific purchase situations, and if interested, welcome to contact us at any time for a free quotation.

Body Slimming Before and After

fat removal before and after


Items Information
Outside package 110x54x48cm
Laser wave length 650nm & 980nm
Voltage 220V/50Hz, 110V/50Hz, 110V/60Hz
Touch screen 8 inch touch screen
Gross weight 50kg
Laser lamp 250MW
Handle pieces 4 pcs small laser pads with 4 laser lamp each, and 8pcs with 20 laser lamps for each
Quantities of paddles 12
Laser classification Electrical Class 1, Type B applied part
Environment 10℃-30℃/50°F-86°F,Non-condensing
Requirement Humidity’s Below75%RH
Safety In Board Diagnostics
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