Laser Tattoo Removal Machine for Sale

Are you puzzled by unwanted tattoos or skin pigmentation problems? Laser tattoo removal machine for sale is a very popular beauty equipment of Bestview, which has been widely used in all kinds of domestic and foreign beauty centers for the treatment of pigmentation problems. Among so many tattoo removal laser machine for sale, Q switch laser tattoo removal equipment and q switched nd yag laser tattoo removal device are very popular with good tattoo removal effect, no side-effects and good normal skin protection performance. Hot models are q switched nd yag laser system BW190 and q switch laser machine BW191, which also belongs to laser tattoo removal machine.


tattoo removal machine manufacturers

nd yag laser tattoo removal machine

The two professional laser tattoo removal machine adopts the same working principle, which are both designed on the selective photothermolysis principle. The laser energy generated by best tattoo laser removal machine can be absorbed by pigment particles, resulting in the expansion and rupture of pigment particles without hurting the surrounding tissues. The pigment granules will be gradually cleared with epidermal migration to the surface, and the majority of pigment particles will be swallowed by the macrophages.

The normal tissues don’t absorb the fixed wavelength laser, which will not form any damage after treatment.The best laser tattoo removal machine is often equipped with two treatment heads to deal with pigment of different colors, such as 1064nm&532nm treatment heads. People may be very curious about what’s the best laser tattoo removal machine, and Zhengzhou Bestview Group will give you a satisfying reply. Firstly, best tattoo removal laser machine is often produced by experienced laser tattoo removal machine manufacturers like Bestview, which has top machine innovation ability and emergency handling ability. Secondly, best laser machine for tattoo removal that is exported to other countries and regions often has got CE and FDA certificates, which is a reassuring item for most of foreign purchasers and buyers.

Operation Screen

operation screen of BW190

Then, the laser tattoo removal machine price of professional beauty machine manufacturer will not be too high or too low, which is basically in accordance with its quality, performance and service life like Bestview Group. At last, reliable beauty machine manufacturer often has good reputation, which can be faithful cooperation partner in the long-term development of enterprises, and they also have the ability to provide new laser tattoo removal machine for sale too. So, if you wants to buy good tattoo removal machine for sale with reasonable laser tattoo removal machine cost, you should check the listed items carefully.

Tattoo Removal Effect

tattoo removal before and after

Zhengzhou Bestview Group has over 30 years beauty machine manufacturing experience, and our business scope involves in all kinds of hair removal machine, tattoo removal machine, skin rejuvenation machine, body slimming machine, hair regrowth machine for sale etc. If you want to know our tattoo laser machine price and more information, please leave us a message or contact us directly at any time.


Laser type Q-switched Nd Yag solid-state laser
Wavelength range 1064nm & 532nm
Energy 0-1600 mj adjustable
Frequency 1-10 Hz adjustable
Pulse width 5-8 ns
Spot size diameter 1-7 mm adjustable
Cooling system water + air + semiconductor
Display 8.0” color touch LCD screen
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