LED Skin Rejuvenation Machine PDT LED B8

LED skin rejuvenation machine adopts photodynamic principle, which can effectively activate the deep cells and promote skin metabolism. The light irradiated by led facial light therapy machine will be absorbed by skin and turn into intracellular energy that can increase glycogen and protein content to promote cell metabolism and reorganization.

Bestview PDT led facial rejuvenation machine adopts cold light that does not produce heat and burn the skin, which basically has red light, yellow light, blue light, green light etc. Led skin rejuvenation equipment can greatly accelerate cell production cycle process, stimulate the growth of new collagen and repair the skin, which does not produce any skin injury or discomfort, and it is currently the most effective and secure cold photo rejuvenation machine, which is very popular as hifu face lifting machine.

LED skin rejuvenation machine

Red Light
635nm red light of led light therapy device can improve the microcirculation of hematological system and lymphatic system. Red light of specific wavelength can convert light energy into cell energy, which can stimulate collagen regrowth and remove wrinkles inside.

Blue Light
In the treatment of acne, the use of 420nm visible light of best acne light therapy device can effectively eliminate acne pustule, inhibit sebaceous gland secretion simultaneously, reduce the number of acne and inflammatory lesions and promote tissue self-repairing. To eliminate acne, one should try blue photon led light therapy.

Yellow Light
After irradiation with 595nm yellow light, it has the active function of accelerating blood circulation, activating cells and stimulating the excitability of cells. In addition, professional led light therapy devices can promote the synthesis of collagen, enhance the collagen fiber and elastic fiber, terminate and stop skin redness situation.

Machine Screen

led skin rejuvenation machine screen

Main Function and Application

  1. LED skin rejuvenation device can promote the growth of collagen protein andshorten the surgery recovery period.
  2. LED light machine for face can effectivelyreduce and smooth wrinkles, removing senile plaques and actinic skin damage.
  3. Furthermore, led photon therapy beauty light systemcan reduce erythema, intestinal telangiectasis and pigmentation, whiten skin and shrink pores.
  4. It can also enhance skin elasticity, promote blood circulationand improve skin health.

Main Components of LED Skin Rejuvenation Machine

led facial rejuvenation machine

If you are looking for led phototherapy system for skin care, Bestview energy light rejuvenation machine can be a pretty good selection. As a popular skin rejuvenation system, photon led light device has very good anti-aging effect, which has been widely applied in all kinds of beauty salons and beauty center as facial rejuvenation items. If you are looking for best led skin therapy device, welcome to contact us at any time for a free quotation. Of course, we also provide other types of skin rejuvenation machine for sale, such as hifu face lifting machine BM589 and 2D ulthera machine etc.


Light Source LED photobiology light
Color type and output wavelength 7 kinds
red: 640nm±5nm
blue: 470nm±5nm
yellow: 590nm±5nm
red&blue: 640nm+470nm
red&yellow: 640nm+590nm
red&blue&yellow: 640nm+470nm+590nm
Light Output Model continuous output/pulse model
LED Quantity 1080pcs
Spot Size 350×480mm2
Spot Size 350×480mm2
Timed Control 0-99min
Voltage Control converter technique
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