Lipo Laser Machine for Sale BM199

In the past, many women and men are puzzled by obesity problems nowadays, and they have tried many ways to lose weight but are in vain. Today, lots of modern technology has been adopted to solve this problem, and lipo laser machine for sale is one of them, which is a popular non invasive lipo machine for body slimming and shaping as cryolipolysis body slimming machine. lipo laser machine for saleWorking Principle

Differs from other types of non surgical lipo machine, lipolaser machine for sale adopts a new technology, which adopts 650nm laser diode and 980nm laser wavelength for physical fat reduction. The 650nm wavelength emitted by lipo laser system can effectively enter into the subcutaneous layer of adipose cell, and 980nm wavelength can greatly accelerate blood circulation and promote cell metabolism. These two wavelengths of smart lipo machine for sale work together to promote body metabolism and achieve body slimming effect. What are worth a mention is that the whole treatment process of medical grade lipo laser machine and laser lipo equipment are totally non-surgical, safe and painless.

Operation Screen

screen of lipo laser machine

Treatment Application and Advantages

  1. Lipo laser plus machine is suitable for eliminating excess fat of various body parts, such as double chin, neck, back, arm, big male breast, abdomen obesity, broad waist, fat hips, thighs, knees, legs and other traditional liposuction parts.
  2. Even and uniform fat removal effect. There basically has swelling parts or other abnormal situations under diode lipo laser machine
  3. It is more effective to slim sagging skin and cellulite than traditional liposuction, and best cold laser lipo machinecan stimulate collagen recombination of subcutaneous tissue and increase the skin contraction and elasticity recovery ability after operation.
  4. Good slimming effect can be achieved through several course of treatment without rebound.

Details of BM199

lipo laser machine price

Unique Feaures

  1. Custom-made machine operation screen of Engligh, Spainish and other languages.
  2. Easy machine operation and detailed machine operation training through all ways.
  3. Preferred machine color, specific logo and voltage designing.
  4. CE, ISO and FDA certificates, one year warranty and favorable price.

Body Slimming Before and After

fat removal before and after

Zhengzhou Bestview Group is a preferred beauty machine manufacturer in China, which offers all kinds of i lipo laser machine for sale and liposonix machine for sale with reasonable lipo laser machine price. Professional sales team will offer you the most appropriate and economical purchase plan, which is often unapproachable and unbeatable by other lipo laser manufacturers. If you are considering to buy lipo laser machine for your clinic, we strongly recommend you to contact us to know our lipo laser machine cost.


Double wavelength 650nm + 980nm
12 pads 12 pads (8 big+4 small)
176 diodes Each big pad has 20 diodos, each small pad has 4 diodes
The diodes Imported from Japanese brand ‘Mitsubishi’ with good quality
Energy of each diode 200 mw
Screen 8 inch color touch screen
Language English, Spanish, French, Russian and Portuguese
Cooling system Each big pad has 5 individual fans; Each small pad has 2 individual fans.
Energy 1500 w
Dimension 58*54*46 cm
Weight 23kg after packing
Voltage 220V/110V
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