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The perfect figure is the ultimate dream of every man and woman, and people tend to lose weight through a variety of ways, such as diet, exercise, all kinds of folk prescription etc, and they often can not get satisfactory slimming effect. In the past, people often focus on the overall weight losing body size adjustment, but do not pay attention to the local obesity problems in the waist, abdomen and buttocks etc. Liposonix machine for sale and lipo cryo machine are such kind of machine that are designed to deal with local obesity problems that are hard to slim in the past.liposonix machine for sale

Approved by FDA, hifu liposonix slimming machine mainly applies for the fat removal of the waist, abdomen, thighs, butterfly sleeves, arms and other body parts that are easy to cause fat accumulation and local obesity. Liposonix device is a non-surgical treatment that has no any wound and no recovery time, and customers will get obvious slimming effect with a few treatment times. In contrast with traditional slimming methods, liposonix equipment for sale pay more attention on the pursuits of the non-invasive treatment, effective local cellulite, beautiful and healthy figure shaping.

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Working Priciple of Liposonix HIFU Machine

liposonic machine can emit the same ultrasonic energy that is used in the HIFU system, which can automatically lock the 1.3cm subcutaneous fat layer without harming the skin and surrounding tissues. Then, the ultrasonic energy will be converted into thermal energy, and liposonix machine for sale can effectively dissolve fat cells in a single treatment that lasts for about an hour, and customers can get an expected effect. If you are undergo liposonix machine purchasing, Bestview is also a very good choice.

Detail of Liposonix Machine

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Exclusive Advantages of Bestview Non-invasive Liposonix Fat Dissolving Machine

1. It adopts non-invasive treatment that is much safer. With high intensity thermal energy, it can effectively dissolve and ablate fat cells without operation.
2. Liposonix machine can realize direct fat reduction, which can effectively destroy the subcutaneous fat and do not rebound.
3. Promote collagen regrowth and compact skin. When decomposing fat cells, liposonix machine can also stimulate collagen regeneration to fill the fat vacancies in the subcutaneous tissue to ensure the smooth and elastic skin after treatment.
4. No recovery period. Liposonix machine is a non-invasive lipid dissolving instrument that will not involve in any injections and operation, which does not affect normal life and work. It is also  no need to wear body shaping clothing after treatment.

Fat Removal Before and After

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As a professional liposonix machine manufacturers, Bestview Group has focused on the manufacturing of beauty equipment for sale for over 30 years, such as diode laser hair removal machine 808nm and shr ipl machine, and we have sophisticated technicians and designers to participate in the production of liposonix machine. Furthermore, our professional sales-team can be a strong supportive for your machine selection. So, welcome to contact us at any time to know our liposonix machine price and cost.


Energy power 30~75J/cm2 (adjustable)
Energy level 5 continuously adjustable
Frequency 4MHz
Cartridge Line Dots Max 576 dots
Treatment head’s shots 525shots
Standard Cartridge 8mm &13 mm
Input voltage <580VA
N.W. 38* (1±15%)kg
Machine size 650 mm (W)*710mm (L)*1240mm (H)
Heating temperature 5 0 ℃ ~ 72 ℃
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