New Tattoo Removal Machine of Bestview Has Come into Market

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Good news! New tattoo removal machine of Bestview has come into market last month. Before launching, we have made thousands of experience and test to ensure the stability and performance of the machine, which can be very responsible and professional. The new model has distinctive advantages than the former one, such as light weight, higher energy, LCD colorful screen and long service life. Needless to say that our tattoo removal machine has much more competitive price than other tattoo removal machine manufacturers. Zhengzhou Bestview is a professional medical beauty machine manufacturer in China, and our hot products include HIFU machine, diode laser hair removal machine, cryolipolysis machine, fractional co2 laser machine, IPL SHR hair removal machine, shockwave therapy machine etc. We aims to provide top quality beauty machine for global SPA owners, doctors, beauty clinic owners to help them start or expand their business successfully. If one is looking for such a helper, we Bestview are always ready to help and be your best business supporter. Contact us now!

Bestview Cryolipolysis Slimming Machine has Been Successfully Exported to Peru

Recently, Bestview cryolipolysis slimming machine has been successfully exported to Peru. Our customer has received the machine so far, and she is very satisfied with our machine, and she has mastered the basic operation of cryolipolysis machine right now. Zhengzhou Bestview S&T CO., LTD is a professional beauty machine manufacturer, which has accumulated rich beauty machine manufacturing experience, and our machine have been widely exported to worldwide countries, such as America, Spain, Mexico, Chile, Columbia, Peru, Ecuador etc. If one is looking for medical beauty machine or equipment, please feel free to contact us for more detailed information, and we will send our reply back as soon as possible. So, contact us now!

New Diode Laser Hair Regrowth Machine is Available in Bestview

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In order to provide good performance diode laser hair regrowth machine for customers of global areas and regions, Bestview has devoted to the innovation and production of high-tech beauty machine that adopts the most advanced laser technology, which has better hair regrowth effect and safe treatment. In short, our new diode laser hair regrowth machine has novel appearance, small occupancy, light weight and stable performance, which is definitely the best choice for spa, beauty center and other business usage. With medical CE and FDA certificates, our machine is free to send to most of countries and areas, and most of machine delivery can be finished within 5 working days with convenient and fast air transportation. In addition, customized brand logo and other details can also be provided with personal requirements. So, why not leave us a message right now if in need?

Best Beauty Machine Manufacturer and Supplier – Bestview Group

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Are you planning to open a new SPA or beauty center? Do you have your own SPA or clinic already? Do you want to buy more reliable beauty machine for your business? Is the answer is yes, welcome the visit Bestview Group or contact us for more detailed company introduction. Zhengzhou Bestview attends worldwide beauty machine exhibition every year, such as Hongkong Cosmoprof, Italy Cosmoprof, Spain beauty exhibition etc. Hot models like 3D & 2D HIFU have been widely exported to many countries, such as Mexico, America, France, Spain, Chile, Ecuador, Columbia, Peru, Costa Rica etc. We business scope involves in the production of professional diode laser hair removal machine, HIFU machine, Q Switch nd yag laser tattoo removal machine, cryolipolysis machine for sale, diode laser hair regrowth machine, co2 fractional laser machine, liposonix machine, lipo laser machine for sale, skin test machine etc. Hot models such as diode laser BM100, Nd Yag laser BW190, HIFU BM589 and cryolipolysis machine BM606. We warmly welcome global customers to contact us and check our hot models if in need. Heartfelt service and detailed introduction will be provided at any time.

Important Information about Skin Rejuvenation Machine

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Bestview skin rejuvenation machine is an advanced high-tech beauty program that uses full-spectrum light and direct exposure to the skin surface. Our company produces the skin rejuvenation machine with high quality and good services and we can give you fast effect after using our better machine.It can penetrate deep into the skin and selectively act on subcutaneous pigments or blood vessels to decompose stains and close abnormalities. Red blood silk, relieve all kinds of blemishes on the skin, while photon can stimulate the proliferation of subcutaneous collagen, so that the original collagen tissue reorganization, so that shrink pores, wrinkles, skin elasticity, health and luster. Skin rejuvenation instrument uses the latest technology, comprehensive software upgrades, high intelligent control system, automatic identification of different color spectrum, and more strict control of the output of a specific spectrum, skin rejuvenation better and more secure. Designed specifically for the Orientals, it is more suitable for the skin features of the Asians and the photon heads of different colors. The skin rejuvenation problems are more prominent for different skin problems. If your friends or you are interested in our skin rejuvenation machine, please contact us at your free time.

Basic Introduction of HIFU Vaginal Tightening Machine

HIFU vaginal tightening machine

With the attention of people to beauty and health, the traditional lifting and tightening, the removal of hair and freckle and other equipment can no longer fully meet the needs of the people, and Bestview Group produces the following hifu vaginal rejuvenation machine for you choice. Hifu vaginal rejuvenation machine is one of the hottest medical beauty devices this year. Private laser machine is a medical instrument, which is used as private maintenance, also known as vaginal maintenance instrument, private beauty instrument and private maintenance instrument, vaginal tightening instrument. Private beauty was established in 2000 with a history of more than 20 years. It is mainly used as munitions laser according to the standard of military laser production of medical lasers, by 2015, more than 5 million lasers had been used in the hospital. The Function of Vaginal Tightening Machine 1. Shrink vagina. 2. Tighten vagina. 3. Increase tightness by 60%. 4. Quick recovery of negative. 5. Tract tightness, no more than half an hour of treatment, let you experience the “clench” pleasure. 6. Clean vagina and maintain vagina. 7. Improve cleanliness by 80% Clean the inside of vagina. 8. Moisturize and protect against bacterial invasion, prevent infection and its derived lesions. 9. Moisturize vagina eliminate dryness. Stimulating the vagina internal self-repair system and improving the dry astringency, which causes the new tender cell to regenerate. The endocrine is normal, which enhances the sexual life interest. 10. Beauty yin, red and tender, pink tenderness increase by 70% effectively eliminate the negative. 11. Intraductal and labial pigmentation, desalinate melanin, and instantly become tender.

Introduction of Bestview Skin Rejuvenation Machine for Sale

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Nowadays, most of women go to the beauty salons regularly to care their skin. Although they spend a lot of money in the beauty salons, they do not get the result that they want. Now our company makes series of skin rejuvenation machines, which can effectively improve your skin with no side effect. Our company produces the following skin rejuvenation machines: hifu machine BM589, BM689, 2D hifu ultherapy machine BM589 and so forth. You can choose the skin rejuvenation machine that you love. Besides, different machines have different functions accordingly. Next we will introduce one of the skin rejuvenation machines to you. 2D hifu skin rejuvenation machine is your top choice. Why does 2D hifu skin rejuvenation machine take a good effect? The reason is that it uses the most advanced high-intensity focused ultrasound technology with non-invasive treatment. Necessarily to say, this machine combines the advantages of hifu BM589 with portable hifu BM689. It has the following advantages, for example, better performance and longer services life. Comparing with other skin rejuvenation machine, you can get the result that you want in the short treatment time without maintenance. So if your friends or you are interested in our skin rejuvenation machine, please contact us at your free time.

Introduction of Bestview IPL Laser Hair Removal Machine

ipl shr hair removal machine BW187

In modern society, more and more people seek for perfect look and they want to show good appearance in public especially in summer. Hence, most of people want to remove their undesired hair, but they do not know how to solve this problem at most times. At this time, they may find all kinds of beauty center to solve this problem. Bestview Group produces all kinds of hair removal machine, such as diode laser hair removal machine, e light hair removal machine and ipl shr hair removal machine, which can remove your unwanted hair completely. Comparing with other traditional methods, why does ipl laser hair removal machine have better effect? First of all, ipl laser hair removal machine adopts the first- class technology, which can penetrate into the depth of the hair follicle, and finally achieve the purpose of removing the undesired hair effectively. Besides, this machine not only can remove your unwanted hair, but also it does not damage your surrounding hair. So you can use it safely and comfortably. Necessarily to say, the ipl laser hair removal machine that our company produces has top quality and fast frequency. Comparing with other machine, our ipl laser hair removal machine has a lot of functions and advantages, such as colorful screen, multiple languages, and adjustable voltage and so forth. It can finally succeed in removing your undesired hair. And you can get fast effect after treatment in a short time. All in all, our ipl laser hair removal machine can tender and refresh your skin after treatment. Do not hesitate, contact us a free quotation now!

Introduction of Bestview CO2 Fractional Laser Machine

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With the advancement of the society, the livelihood of people is getting better and better. And more and more people seek for perfect body or appearance. Some people want to have smooth skin and other people want to remove the scars completely in their body, which promotes the invention and development of fractional co2 laser machine. Our company produces two machines with different functions for your choice. Those are fractional CO2 laser machine BW200 and CO2 laser for genecology BW203. Fractional CO2 laser machine BW200 adopts advanced laser technology, which makes full uses the energy of laser thermal and electromagnetic effects, and it can avoid bleeding, burning and gasification during the treatment. Besides, CO2 fractional laser equipment adopts RF Tube and 40W power. To make the operation more convenient, we add red semiconductor laser as the directed light. Most importantly, there is no risk and no side effect. Our company can promise that the whole process is comfortable, and one just enjoys the treatment. Necessarily to say that, there are a lot of advantages and functions: Adjustable voltage 220v/110v.Selective languages of English or Spanish Colorful touch screen, and some parts are imported from USA and Korea. Smooth wrinkles and fine lines and rinse sun-damaged skin. Reduce acne scars and flatten traumatic scars. Get rid of double chin and improve angle of the jaw. If one is interested in buying our plastic surgery machines, please contact us in your spare time.

Detailed Introduction About The IPL Hair Removal Machine BW-185

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With the acceleration of development of society, the livelihood of people is better and better. Gradually, people seek for the best exquisite appearance and they want to have smooth and tender skin. However, they have some problems about how to remove unwanted hair completely. Do not worry about it so much, we can offer one the best hair removal machine. IPL BW-185, as one of the best hair removal machine, can help one achieve its goal of removing hair completely. IPL BW- 185 adopts an optimal technology to assist people to remove their undesired hair. IPL machine BW-185 that our company makes has the strong energy and fast frequency. Besides, it has colorful touch screen, and one can choose by just clicking a few buttons. And it includes five filters, and different filters have different functions. Necessarily to say that, it has strong cooling system and adjustable voltage. Although the traditional methods can also achieve the aim of fast hair removal, people often need to use it for many times and the hair may regrow again. But IPL BW-185 can achieve the goal thoroughly and it will only damage the hair follicle. As a result, one can get permanent hair removal with fast process and simple operation. Most importantly, it has the advantages of high safety, less pain and no side effect. If one finds that the treatment position gets slightly red, please do not worry about it so much, because it is normal and it will disappear within 12-24 hours. The main functions of IPL BW-185 are to remove depilation, pigmentation, acne, spot and vascular. If our hair removal machine gives one a good impression, please contact us at your available time.