Portable HIFU Machine BM689

Portable hifu machine is a popular skin rejuvenation machine, which differs from hifu machine for sale BM589 in its mobility. Similar to BM589, portable face lift machine mainly applies for dealing with skin problems, restoring youth, making skin stay soft and supple. It is a good selection for beauty centers and clinics that help customers solve all kinds of skin problems.

Wrinkle Removal
It can be used to remove all kinds of facial wrinkles, such as forehead wrinkles, canthus wrinkles, fishtail line, droopy skin etc. With the help of portable hifu machine, it can effectively eliminate facial and neck wrinkles, such as forehead wrinkles, eye patterns, decree lines, corners of the mouth and dilate the neck lines.

portable hifu machine

Face Lifting

With time goes by, people are very prone to appear skin loosing phenomenon, which often makes the face look fatter and looser. However, portable hifu machine can effectively compact skin, reshape face line, tighten double chin, cheek pouch, drooping eyes, lifting eyebrow lines and solve relaxation problems to a great extend.

Compact Body

The ultrasonic knife makes full use of ultrasonic energy, which can deeply penetrate into the subcutaneous fascia layer (SMAS) to promote collagen fiber net rebuilding with thermal stimulation, which can greatly compact the loosing parts, remove excess facial fat, and smooth lines.

Treatment Heads and Screen

operation screen of portable hifu machine

Advantages of Portable HIFU Machine

  1. Portable hifu machine BM689 has simple operation, convenient movement and good treatment effect.
  2. It can be equipped with different displaying language with customers language custom, and we can also customize others, such as voltage, logo, brand, color etc.
  3. With CE, ISO and FDA certificates, users can totally ease their nerve on the product quality and performance, and specific purchase suggestion and service are also provided with personal requirements.
  4. Detailed operation guidance, after-sale warranty and good after-sale service will be provided after purchasing.

Treatment Before and After

hifu treatment before and after

In addition to BM689 portable hifu machine, Bestview Group also offers other types of skin rejuvenation machine for sale, such as hifu ultherapy machine, led skin rejuvenation machine etc. If you are looking for reliable skin rejuvenation machine for sale, welcome to consult us for more detailed information.


Name High Intensity Focused Ultrasound  ( HIFU )
Power 800W
Numbers of heads 4 heads (1.5mm, 3.0mm, 4.5mm, 13.0mm)
Energy 7Mhz/7Mhz/4Mhz/4Mhz
Shots 10000 shots/ treatment head
Temperature 65℃-70℃
Screen Size 8.4 inch color touch screen
Voltage 110V/240V, 50/60Hz
Package Size 75x59x117cm
Net weight 49KG
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